Estate Administration


Sooner or later, it will happen.

When a loved one passes away, Attorney Linda Ulinski and her staff at Ulinski Law Office are ready to assist you, your family and/or your business associates in all matters pertaining to a dignified and timely administration of your personal, legal, financial and tax matters associated with your death and the transfer of your wealth and management of your obligations.

Probate Administration

Probate is the set of legal Court proceedings used to determine: ownership of a decedent’s assets; the value of such assets; clarifying rightful heirs; and the method of distribution of assets.  Probate Administration also provides a forum for settling legal and financial claims on behalf of or against a decedent.

Probate is necessary and valuable in the orderly collection and protection of estate assets.  Probate ensures accurate and timely distribution to rightful heirs.  Probate proceedings may be as directed by a decedents’ Will or by state law if there is no written Will. Attorney Linda Ulinski works with Probate Court appointed legal representatives to guide their compliance with Ohio Probate law.

  • Wills —A Will is set of written instructions the disposition of your Probate property upon your death.  Your Will also names the individual (“Executor”) who will handle your legal matters upon your death. The Probate Court monitors the activities of your Executor.
  • Administration For Individuals Who Failed to Plan —Even if you failed to do any estate planning, the state of Ohio has a schedule for how your assets must be paid out among your family and creditors upon your death.  The Probate Court monitors property distribution according to this schedule.

Trust Administration

A popular and efficient method for directing the disposition and management of your assets upon your death is the use of a Trust. The use of a Trust enables your estate to avoid Probate proceedings.  A Trust may provide for a structured payout of your assets upon your death according to a schedule that may be impractical to administer in the Probate Court.  In this case, your Trustee serves in a capacity similar to an Executor in the Probate Court. Attorney Linda Ulinski represents Trustees to ensure compliance with numerous legal requirements and tax reporting obligations.

What Else?

In the context of administering an estate, whether in Probate or through a Trust, Attorney Linda Ulinski helps clients pull together and make sense of the numerous methods used to dispose of property upon death. Integration of various techniques relating to the disposition of your estate: beneficiary designations, Payable On Death and Transfer on Death designations, Joint Ownership and other “contracts” must be understood to make sure the estate has been properly paid out and the expenses and debts of administration attended to.