What Sets Us Apart


“I distinguish my practice by guiding client matters in a way that enables my clients to clarify and achieve their goals.” – Linda Ulinski
Attorney Linda Ulinski and her staff take pride in:

  • Educating Clients
    When you retain Attorney Linda Ulinski you will receive the education and individualized explanations necessary to understand the legal services which are being performed for you.
  • Attorney-Client Meetings
    So often clients complain, “my former attorney just met with me once and then handed me off to a staff member. I never really heard from her again. I would have appreciated more contact”. You will work and speak directly with Attorney Linda Ulinski.
  • Time Tables
    Bring your calendar to all meetings. Attorney Linda Ulinski will establish a realistic time table for the completion of your legal matter. Appointments are scheduled early in the process in order to ensure accomplishment of your goals.
  • Client Bill of Rights
    Our Client Bill of Rights puts your mind at rest. The most important person is in our relationship is YOU!